We are in the business of ELIMINATING DISEASE

What inspired the LILIUM COVID testing paradigm?

Throughout 2020, it became clear that many world leaders did not understand the dynamics of COVID-19. Transmission rates were on the rise, and even well-oiled governments were incapable of containing the devastating virus. The healthcare and international pandemic response systems were not built to address a virus capable of transmission while carriers were still presymptomatic or  asymptomatic.

LILIUM Diagnostics Inc. was established in response to this crisis. The founders had seen great success in their own research and development of automated diagnostics prior to the pandemic, and so they turned their attention to developing a rapid testing system for SARS-CoV-2. The goal? To rapidly identify and eliminate the virus.

Our goal is to completely eliminate the threat posed by COVID-19.

The cure for COVID-19 is a rapid response to infection.

LILIUM was founded to address the problems of COVID-19. The team had already been exploring using robotics in diagnostics, and they had developed an RT-PCR assay with a unique chemical signature that provides higher than average sensitivity and specificity. The Founder’s previous experience in automated cell therapy and diagnostics helped speed up the processing of test results while also increasing accuracy, consistency, and test volume at a lower price point than alternatives.

Today, the LILIUM testing paradigm presents a unique opportunity to eliminate COVID-19 through large-scale testing. Capable of testing hundreds of thousands of individuals each day and providing rapid results, the LILIUM RT-PCR assay could be rolled out by businesses, governments, schools and other community organizations to halt the spread of COVID.

Instead of mask-wearing and lockdowns, only infected individuals would need to isolate. They would be able to carefully monitor the progress of their infection using the LILIUM app and get back to business as soon as they return to non-infectious levels of the pathogen.

Our commitment

At least 75% of all profits will be used towards research and development into new ethical solutions and cures to diseases. This means that by doing your testing with LILIUM, you will contribute towards development of the medical solutions and cures of tomorrow.

lilium diagnostics certificate of accreditation with standards council of canada

Lilium Diagnostics is an ISO 15189 Accredited laboratory, with Certifications from Standards Council Canada (SCC) and from Bureau de Normalisation du Québec (BNQ) for its Covid testing platform.