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1 hour RT-PCR lab test results Boston

Lilium offers RT-PCR laboratory testing in 1 hour.

Get RT-PCR results in 1 hour for Covid-19, Flu (Influenza) and RSV for $149  

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At LiliumDiagnostics, we understand that time is of the essence when it comes tohealthcare. That's why we offer a range of same day PCR testing in Boston with optionsto meet your needs.

Our 1 hour PCRtests provide rapid and accurate results for COVID-19, flu, and RSV, allowingfor timely diagnosis and appropriate medical intervention. With our state of arttesting technology and experienced team of professionals, you can trust yourresults be reliable and delivered with speed.

Convenience iskey, which is why we offer COVID testing and flu testing in Boston near you.With multiple locations and flexible appointment options, accessing same daytest has never been more convenient.

In addition toour rapid PCR tests in Boston, we also offer rapid antigen testing forCOVID-19. With results available in as little as 15 minutes, our antigen testsprovide another fast and reliable option for COVID-19 screening.

Whether you'reexperiencing symptoms or require testing for travel or work, Lilium Diagnosticsis here to provide fast, accurate, and reliable testing solutions. Scheduleyour same day test today and take control of your health with LiliumDiagnostics.

We providing such tests like:
free Covid antigen test
IgM and IgG antibody testing
rapid PCR testing
Covid test for organizations
Covid test for schools

Lilium Diagnostics - Respiratory test services in Boston

I need a RT-PCR test for:

If the purpose is to test for Covid-19, Influenza and RSV

If the purpose of the test is to travel within 24 hours - 72 hours after the test (the travel documents from your airline will indicate within how many hours before flight Departure you need to take your test)

Where are you traveling to?

Note: travel to Japan requires a special Japan government form that Lilium will provide

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Soft swab design
Oropharyngeal or Nasopharyngeal sampling available
Rapid Lab RT-PCR tests in 1 hour
CLIA Certified Lab
Affordable laboratory RT-PCR tests in the greater Boston area

Choose the purpose of your PCR-based Covid-19 test.


I may have been exposed to Covid-19.

If you have spent time with someone who has Covid-19, you may have contracted the virus. Book a PCR test at least three days after exposure or at the first sign of symptoms.


I’m showing signs of Covid-19 or received a positive antigen test.

If you are exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 or an antigen test has come back positive, get clarity on your infection status with a more accurate and reliable PCR test.


I need proof I’m not Covid-positive before a surgery or live event.

If you have a surgical procedure or other event that requires proof of being negative for Covid-19, our PCR test results include a signed lab report showing that you are negative (assuming the test result comes out negative).


I need proof that I have had Covid-19 recently for future travel purposes.

If you believe you are positive and plan to travel internationally for work or pleasure in the next 90 days, a positive PCR lab test report today can be used at any point 14 days later to enter many countries requiring a Covid test before travel. This can also eliminate the risk of random Covid testing when entering a country that could otherwise lead to being quarantined if positive.

Why choose LILIUM?


When you combine our efficient testing processes with cutting edge technology, you get fast RT-PCR lab test results.

More Affordable Pricing

Our RT-PCR testing laboratory gives consumers like you access to wholesale pricing.

More Responsive Support

From our easy online portal to our efficient testing center staff, we make diagnostic testing more convenient and compassionate.

More Accurate Test Results

Latest RT-PCR technology combined with automation provides more accurate results, while reducing human-error for highly consistent results.

More Precise Information

All our PCR test reports provide precise and detailed information about your test results, such as the Ct value for the target.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Which types of Covid-19 tests does Lilium provide?

You can schedule an appointment for the following Covid-19 tests at any Lilium location:

  • RT-PCR
  • Antigen
  • Antibody

What type of Covid test do I need to attend an event or visit a public space?

If you plan to attend an event and have symptoms of Covid-19 or have been exposed to someone infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, a rapid diagnostic PCR test is recommended to prevent the spread of the virus.


Can I get same day test results in Lilium’s testing center?

Antigen Covid test results are ready within 30 minutes of the test.

RT-PCR test results are ready within 1 hour of the test.

Please note we provide testing only by appointment. We do not accept walk-ins.


Where is your testing located in Boston?

Our Boston testing center is conveniently located off the Mass Turnpike (I-90) in Watertown. Parking is free.

124 Watertown St, Suite 3b, Watertown, MA 02472, USA

Do I need to have an appointment for my test?

Yes, we only accept appointments made online.

We do not ask for a credit card to reserve online, and you only need to pay when you arrive for your appointment.


How long it will take to get tested at a Lilium's testing center?

Reviewers have called our PCR testing center the fastest. Thanks to our efficient testing protocols and procedures, test results along with a certificate are ready in 30 minutes for an antigen test and 60 minutes for a RT-PCR test.

What our customers say about us

To book an appointment, please enter all information for the person to be tested